What is Kalyug and Kalyugera ?

Hindu mythology and also the numerology divide the time amount of the planet, before it destroys itself, in four eras called YUG. The first is Satyug or Era of truth. The second is called Tretayug or the age of Third. The next, third is called Dwaparyug or Era of Second. The last, fourth is Kalyug or also referred to as Kaliyug. Thereafter it is the time for pralay which suggests the planet shall destroy itself or it’d be finish of world. By some accounts, minor but large destruction takes place at the finish of every era in addition. Since, we intend to draw unconventional wisdom from this mythology hence a very little introduction to every era.
According to some calculations Kalyug started around 3041 BC once Dwaparyug came to a finish once large destruction in war referred to as Mahabharatum. There is a several interpretation of word ‘Kal’. It suggests that machinery and it conjointly means ‘tomorrow’. Kaliyug is also the name that is predicated on the premise that during this era the management of world vest in Demon ‘Kali’ thus the name. The ‘Kali’ here has no connection with the spiritual being of same name.
Kal means tomorrow and in my read, that is what this era is all about. Truth has become relative. Duty is relative. Action or Karmas have become ambiguous. The mind is always in a very state of conflict between truth, duty and action. Distinction between action and activity is blurred. But we tend to all live and act for tomorrow. Nobody is involved for these days. Let us delay it to tomorrow. Nobody is living for these days. We are all aspiring for a tomorrow. Today is missing somewhere in tomorrow. Hence is the Kalyug.
The Cycle of Four Yugas
The precession (caused by gradual rotation of the Earth’s axis) of the equinoxes is the period of your time that it takes the Earth’s axis to suffer one complete cycle of the zodiac. It takes the planet 72 years to suffer one degree of the zodiac and twenty five, 920 years to complete one full circle of 360 degrees. One half of the journey takes twelve, 960 years and covers the four yugas. Satya Yuga lasts 5184 years. Treta Yuga lasts 3888 years. Dwapara Yuga lasts 2592 years. Kali Yuga lasts 1296 years. These four yugas taken together come back to a total of twelve, 960 years.
The story of Mahabharat needs to be seen in a very bound context. In 3140 BCE, the Kurukshetra War ended, and in 3102 BCE, Krishna left his body. Three to four months once the war, the Kali Yuga began. As of 2012 AD, Krishna’s era ended five,114 years ago. If you subtract 2592, that is the additive range of years of the 2 Kali Yugas that ar at the lowest of the conic section which describes the axial precession, you arrive at 2522 years. That means we’ve got already completed 2522 years of Dwapara Yuga, and since its total duration is 2592 years, we still have seventy years till its completion. In the year 2082, we can complete Dwapara Yuga and go on to Treta Yuga. The world will undergo another upheaval, not necessarily in terms of war however most likely in terms of population explosion and natural calamities, before moving on to this new era of wellbeing and upward movement of human consciousness.
The Ether and Spiritual potentialities
If the ether rises some more, you can grasp by breath. If you go into the forest, you will see, because your vision is blocked to some extent, after some time, the most significant method of knowing things is by smell. Most animals that live there know things solely by smell. Because of such targeted life energy, the ether is high. Because the ether is high, they do not got to see. If you talk, they will get confused. When the ether is terribly low, you have to speak all the time – otherwise, people cannot grasp. Even if you talk, they will not grasp. You have to knock and talk ceaselessly to create them grasp. The etheric content in the atmosphere determines how sensitive you’re in terms of your ability to speak.
At the same time, no matter which period, which yuga, which planetary position we are in right currently, still, individual human beings can rise specifically this. Still, individual human beings can sleep in a golden time among themselves. Even in the worst of times, the possibility to be higher than it is perpetually there for a personal person. There are several things one will do to enhance the ether or produce etheric content. This is why Krishna aforementioned, in Kali Yuga, which is down there, far away from the Super Sun, the ether will be therefore low that there’s no purpose in attempting to show them yoga, meditation, mantras, or yantras – they will not grasp. Just teach them devotion. If they are devout, they will generate their own ether. And because of this etheric content within the atmosphere, they will understand. Devotion is not for the dumb – but even though you’re the dumbest, you can still grasp.
Thousands of years ago, they said that as the scheme moves nearer to the Super Sun, human intelligence will blossom. As the scheme moves closer, the realization that the full body and also the whole universe are electrical structures can come back naturally. Right now, we are moving towards Treta Yuga, which is the competitor time that may happen in a cycle of yugas.
Krishna conjointly aforementioned that once over 5000 years, there will come back a several thousand year amount of your time which will be fabulous. We cannot create it there, but we tend to will set the foundations for it and have the enjoyment of making an environment for a stretch of thousands of years of golden time upon the earth. The planet knows that you are a part of it – only you consider something else of yourself.